I’m Sockura! Well, more precisely I’m a brand that sells sustainable socks made 97% from recycled materials, delivered straight to your door for just $2 per sock!


Of course! Every sock I sell is made with collected and recyclable materials converted into soft, cotton-y fibers using 99% less water and 87% less electricity than traditional methods.

As a matter of fact, natural fibers often take a lot of water to produce. For example, it can take over 2,500 liters of water just to make one cotton tee - that's like 20 full bathtubs of water.

Recycled synthetics actually have a much lesser environmental footprint in production - as they take significantly less water and energy to make. 

Moreover, our BottleFiber® is GRS Certified (Global Recycle Standard) and we control the production from the yarn to the final sock.


Yep, you read that right! You can order as many socks as you want when you need ‘em and we will mail them directly to you. You can even set up your own subscription for a steady supply every month or more. This model of direct to consumer socks cuts down even more on waste, and helps us keep prices low – just two dollars per sock!


Nothing get past you! Considering the amount of waste that the fashion industry contributes to landfills, I decided to do my part by providing on-demand socks, specifically as and when you need them. Missing a sock? Order a new one, or subscribe and never misplace a pair!



The things that keep our prices low are the same things that keep our footprint small. 

https://static.yedaoholding.com/dev/images/57751a77-5aa7-4634-a770-1152d9afa8f9.png DIRECT TO CONSUMER

Online-only sales means no middlemen, minimal warehousing and no storefront rentals. Not only does this save space and a lot of waste, but those savings get passed on to you.

https://static.yedaoholding.com/dev/images/e332d239-b15d-4e49-ab96-e4598f32d572.png GROUPED ORDERS

We ship orders once a month, reducing shipping costs for subscriptions all the way down to $0. We ship like clockwork without tracking codes like your daily newspaper using minimal, recyclable packaging.

https://static.yedaoholding.com/dev/images/89dc1d69-dd96-498f-89c7-ea815d5d3eb2.png SUBSCRIPTION MODEL

When you subscribe, we can anticipate precisely how many socks we need to make, and this greatly reduces production-related waste.

Q: So why would I need a sock subscription?

A: Well if you want sustainable socks, you’d better have a sustainable supply of them. It’s about convenience as much as it’s about never missing a sock or replacing them when they wear out. If you lose one, don’t throw the other away — just wait for a replacement sock to show up at your door!

Q: How do you keep the price so low?

A: We went over this before, but just to recap: by not having much in the way of warehousing, no sky-high marketing budget and no reliance on brick-and-mortar storefronts we can keep prices super low. How low? Like $2 a sock low!

Q: I’ve already got socks. What makes yours different?

A: Well, if recyclable and fully sustainable isn’t enough for you, how about the fact that at just 2 dollars a sock, they’re not only way better for the planet than the socks you’re wearing now; they’re definitely cheaper too!

Q: So if I subscribe can I change my subscription details if I need to?

A: Of course! Say that you are moving house or want to adjust your order amount. Just log into your Sockura account, change your details and make a new order. Easy!



To make the meaningful change necessary to clear our landfills and waterways of plastic waste, we cannot do it alone. This is why we have partnered with BottleFiber® to create polyester fibers made from 100% recycled materials. BottleFiber® polyester has been certified by GRS, the same organization that certifies Organic Cotton.

Since 2010, BottleFiber® has conserved 3.5 billion liters of water and recycled more than a billion plastic bottles. Their commitment to a greener fashion industry and planet are why we are proud partners.